About Zvara



"After turning 30 it was like something just changed with my skin. I wasn’t sure if it was hormonal, age, diet, or the fact that I had never really taken great care of my skin that had suddenly caused the breakouts and rosacea to appear, but I did recognise how it made me feel, the impact it had on my confidence, and more specifically the way I communicate and interact with others.

For a person who is naturally shy, it promoted new heights of anxiousness. I felt I had to fix this for my own wellbeing and confidence, and I knew I wanted to do it naturally and ethically. What really surprised me was the lack available products with natural quality ingredients, that actually really worked effectively – particularly on sensitive skin. It was discouraging. 

At the same time my husband was researching business ventures and charities that we could invest ourselves into and be truly passionate about. We really wanted something that would give back to the world in some way, and specifically we wanted a vessel where we could give much needed help to animals and conservation. It wasn’t long before all of these ideas and loves intersected, and together we started researching and studying ways to offer skincare that utilises unique formulas and promotes the power of Australian Native Botanicals. Zvara was born. After years of research, development, and testing we opened our products to the public in mid 2019, and have had an overwhelming amount of feedback from customers with sensitive and troubled skin."

Sherrie - Owner, Zvara skincare